Friday, April 19, 2013

Eki Bento

Green Tea
 We are often in Maylands visiting Sosi, Magic Shoebox or eating cake at Sherbet so when a deal came up for Eki Bento which is in the middle of them all I grabbed it! My kids love sushi and bento so I thought they would like lunch out with me.
The shop
 Though it said bookings essential on the coupon I thought I would try my luck and as there was no one else there at the time they let us use it. They put 2 tables together and I grabbed one of the 2 highchairs they had. There isn't much room for prams but I managed to fit mine behind me as we were right near the door.
Special cutlery and bowls for the kids
 The ladies serving were great and checked to make sure everything was ok and bought out all the extras for the kids without needing to be asked.
Katsu chicken Bento
 We placed our orders and soon had a pot of green tea on the table. It was really good, my daughter even liked it. Our Miso Soup and Bento's arrived and they were just like most you find in sushi shops all around Perth except they had Edamame beans and a gyoza. It was all tasty except the rice on the Katsu needed more sauce, was just like plain rice underneath but the teriyaki had much more.
Ice cream!
The girls finished it all off with ice cream so they were very happy with their visit!

Good for a quick lunch but the prices looked more on the expensive side so glad I got the deal. There are lunch time specials and you can get the bento boxes or sushi take away. Also, like most of the cafe's along that strip there are no toilets inside.

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