Friday, December 14, 2012

Whistlers Chocolate Company

I'm the king of the castle!
 What a perfect day to hit the Swan Valley! We have just gotten home after spending an hour and a half at Whistlers Chocolate Company the newest addition to the Valley.
Santa chocolate!

macaron tower

The chocolate room

My kind of slab!
Lots of choices for chocolates and if you can't decide there are mixed boxes.

the cafe

The cafe staff are obviously new as I had a few hiccups ordering. The choc chip cookies are 3 for $4 but when I asked for 3 I nearly got charged $12 plus I asked for an iced chocolate and got an Iced Coffee (which was ok as I never turn down some caffiene and then didn't need to share with the kids) and our straw for our banana & honey smoothie had a hole in it so my husband had to go get another. What looks like tiramisu in the glasses looks very tempting for our next visit and the menu looks nice yet simple. If you have a big group of adults (over 10 people) you can do a group booking and for $20pp you get sandwiches, quiches and more plus cake and tea & coffee!
The outdoor area

Fantastic 2 sandpits and mega chalk board

We loved the outdoor area! Had it to ourselves most of the visit. Had a great little picnic table with big umbrella next to the sandpit. The kids didn't want to leave.
C is for Cookies

Iced Coffee

A great addition to make the Swan Valley a family friendly place. We will be back many times and I can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can get into the coconut rough..... Whistler's Chocolate Company on Urbanspoon

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