Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wild Fig Cafe

 So I did the Naked Fig last week and this week I met my XSIL, SIL and Mum at The Wild Fig in Scarborough. It used to be located in North Beach but has now moved down here. I love the funky fit out (check out the grass chairs pictured above) and it is obviously a popular spot as it was mostly full when we arrived at 11.30.

Breakfast is served until 11.30 and then lunch service begins at 12.
 While waiting for my SIL (she is ALWAYS late) my girls had a Mango Smoothie (above) and the rest of us got into the coffees (below). The juices, milkshakes and smoothies are just amazing at the figs. You might think the prices of them are a bit exxy but they are totally worth it! My latte was very good, the perfect temperature to start sipping on straight away.
 When my SIL arrived we had already decided on food so ordered straight away and decided to share. I didn't get a photo of the 'grazer' but it consisted of a yummy crispy turkish crustini, guacamole, olives, feta, artichoke, prawns, cold meat (I think it was prosciutto but can't be sure as being pregnant I couldn't have a taste). On the Mini Me's menu (all $9) they had a ham & cheese linguini, cheese & tomato pizza and mini bangers & mash (pictured below).

The grazer plate was perfect for sitting around sharing and chatting, M (my 3 year old) only had about a mouthful of her bangers & mash before taking over most of the grazer! Gourmet tastes that one! C polished off the rest of the bangers & mash not leaving a bit on the plate.
 The reason we shared lunch was to keep room for dessert! My Mum and XSIL went for the berry cheesecake and SIL and I tried out the Lemon Meringue (pictured below). M said both were delicious (very much a sharer that girl!). My lemon meringue was lovely and a great way to end the meal.
 There is a lovely view of the ocean (over the carpark) but a nice spot to walk off your meal after or to take the kids down the beach to play.

Service was friendly and quick and before we knew it 2 hours had passed and it was time to head home for a nap! 

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